Don't stop
my dreams
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Label Denon YX-7346 LP/MCCD
in Japan -AX and Columbia 35C38-7327
and (P)1984 Nippon Columbia Co.Ltd.
Producer Otto Schutt
Recorded 1984 in Hamburg, Germany
Musicians The Jerry Man Orchestra,
conducted by J.A. Rettenbacher
Eugen Cicero, p / J.A.Rettenbacher, b / Garcia Morales, dr
Tracks 01. Donít Stop My Dreams
02. Dancing Fingers
03. Never Say No
04. Surprise
05. All My Love Is You
06. Tender Angélique
07. London Lights
08. So itís still raining
09. Do You Know Why
10. Adventure In Love
11. Together Forever
12. Last Night
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