John Clayton
John Clayton,
hat 1983 bei der Timeless-Produktion "SPRING SONG" am Bass gespielt. Das scheint seine einzige Begegnung mit Eugen Cicero gewesen zu sein. Er ist in den USA ein sehr gefragter Arrangeur.
Auf eine Email Anfrage reagierte er im Dezember 2005, also nach über 20 Jahren, mit außerordentlicher Warmherzigkeit:
    Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you.

    I have fond memories of working with Eugen. They are foggy memories, but they are fond ones!

    What a talent !!!

    As I recall, it was someone from a radio station in Holland -a producer, perhaps, who introduced me to Eugen Cicero. I'm not sure. At any rate, we didn't do many, if any public concerts. We only recorded together. I recall that he came to my house to rehearse and we hat a wonderful time. Knowing me, I probably cooked a meal for us, as I love to cook.

    EUGEN hat a marvelous way of combining classical and improvisation. I don'tknow if I would call him a true Jazz Musician. I never herat him in that context. His improvisaiton was surely jazz influenced.

    I loved the sound of Eugen, his touch and his thoughtful playing.

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