Daniel Humair
Daniel Humair
war Schlagzeuger bei der Aufnahme "CICERO CONCERTO" im Jahr 1976.
Als wir ihn um eine Interview baten, schrieb er uns am 10.Mail 2007:

    Cher Monsieur

    I did only one record with Eugen Cicero a very long time ago. I have very little memories except that I remember him as a very good musician and a nice person. His music did not give much space for improvisation, but from what I remember, he had a very original concept. It will be wrong if I tell you other things just to please you because I do not remember anything else. I have played in more than 300 records over 50 years. It is very respectable to see somebody like you trying to bring an artist work and memory back to the today's music lovers and I am sure that all the family & close friends are very thankful to you.

    You can find some pictures of me on the web. Use them, if you like but my participation to EC world of music was too modest and not interesting for EC fans

    Also I like to let you know that Guy Pedersen died 3 years ago.

    Best regards
    Daniel Humair
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