Makoto Kimata
Makoto Kimata,
ist Plattenproduzent in Japan und hat Eugen Cicero 1982 in Amsterdam durch Vermittlung von WIM WIGT von TIMELESS RECORDS kennengelernt. Er ist heute Inhaber von KEYSTONE und hat (zusammen mit Wim Wigt) die drei Timeless Aufnahmen und für MELDAC JAZZ die LULLABIES produziert.
Im Februar 2006 entstand das nachfolgende Interview:

    EUGEN CICERO was always one of my favorite pianists, and I loved his recording "Rokoko Jazz".

    I have already made a lot of jazz projects with Kenny Drew, Benny Golson, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones and so on. So, I guess, Eugen knew my name and we agreed to make some albums together.

    I remember that Mr. Wim Wigt who is a president of Wim Wigt Production and Timeless Records that he first introduced me to Eugen.

    After I met EUGEN in Amsterdam in 1982 we discussed what I'd like to make his album.

    I have produced 5 albums with Eugen.
      -   SPRING SONG   November 1983
      -   JAZZ BACH   March 1985
      -   ROKOKO JAZZ   June 1987
      -   ROMANTIC CINE JAZZ   December 1992
      -   LULLABIES   May 1995

    After recording "Spring Song", I discussed with a certain promoter to make his Japanese tour.

    The promoter promised to do so, if album sales are good. The sales were very good. In these days, I worked for RCA Victor as a manager of production department, and with my staff I tried very hard to make Eugen much more popular in Japan. I had a lot of friends at the news paper, magazine and radio stations, so they helped me and introduced "Spring Song" to Japanese music fans. And his popularity grew up.

    This is a story Eugen was able to make his own tour in Japan. Also I can't forget Swing Journal Magazine which is the biggest jazz magazine in the world.

    In 1984 we had 10 concerts in Japan and almost all concerts were successful. The concert halls had a capacity of 500 or 600 seats.

    Later, Eugen came again to Japan 3 or 4 times.

    In 1982, I produced an album titled "Lullaby" with Kenny Drew Trio with Niels H.O.Pedersen and Ed Thigpen. This album was a big hit in Japan. But this album didn't have all standard songs except only one tune which was "Wiegenlied" by Johannes Brahms. So, I had an idea to make an album with all classical Lullaby with Eugen. He liked my idea and so we recorded in 1995 "Lullabies".

    The last time I met him in Zurich it was May in 1995.

    I have very enjoyable memories with him. He invited me to his house and took me to very beautiful restaurant near Zurich lake. Or, I took his family to very nice Japanese restaurant in Tokyo or Amsterdam.

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