F R I E N D S    O F    E U G E N    C I C E R O

Today, the Internet is the forum by which everyone in every corner of the world may be reached. Since regretfully not too many traces of the exceptionally gifted artist, Eugen Cicero can be recaptured, this HOMEPAGE is meant to be a homage to the human being and unforgettable artist, Eugen Cicero. The world famous classical pianist, well in a league of its own, developed and presented his unique style of playing classical themes with elements of jazz and swing.

EUGEN CICERO was born on June, 27th 1940 in Klausenburg, Rumania and died, much too early, on December, 5th 1997 in Zürich, Switzerland.

THOMAS BLASER has always been a great admirer of Eugen Cicero's music, but when by coincidence, he met him in person at the Jazzfestival in Ehingen, he felt like being "born again in music" - and, simultaneously it was the beginning of a "lasting friendship".

On December 13th 1996 he organized a concert for Eugen Cicero in his hometown Ueberlingen at Lake Constance. This concert was recorded and was postmortem published in 2000, at first as "Private Edition" for Cicero's friends and then a later edition in 2002 by IN & OUT RECORDS under the title "Swinging Piano Classics".

RUTH JUON is a singer of Swiss origin, who at about the same time published her recordings with Eugen Cicero on a CD with the title "PAS DE DEUX" . This particular recording appears to be the only one on which he accompanied a lady singer, although he toured with Shirley Bassey, Nancy Wilson, Torita Quick, Catarina Valente and Hildegard Knef.

Ruth Juon included the "Überlingen Concert" on her website www.visionofparadise.ch which hereby became the first opportunity for aficionados of Eugen Cicero to order this CD.

In the year of 2000 and the rising popularity of the Internet, first contacts were made and soon it became evident, that a forum for Eugen Cicero aficionados had to be established. Thus, an exchange of ideas would be possible while at the same time becoming familiar with his discography and some details of his life.

GISELA STREBINGER partner of Thomas Blaser, created the website to commemorate Eugen Cicero. Interviews were conducted with Cicero's friends and family members, photos collected, and a thorough research of his recordings, TV- and Radio appearances as well as press reviews followed. The results of these efforts are now available on the Internet. We sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

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