Nice to meet You

Eugen Cicero, Nice to meet You

Egon Conny Pfrenger


Eugen Cicero, piano
Jean "Toots" Thielemans, mouth organ, guitar and whistle Hans Rettenbacher, bass / P. Levinson, drums J. Ehlers, bass / Adi Feuerstein, flute Adrian Ciceu, drums and percussions

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01. Nice to meet you
02. Romantic Valse
03. Samba Time
04. Viento Y sol
05. Viola
06. Ich liebe die Sterne
07. Take it or leave it
08. Music Go Round
09. One and Only
10. Hot Pants Girl
11. Westerland Sunset
12. Mood For Sale
13. Abschied von Rio
14. Yellow Cat .

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